Saturday, February 6, 2010


1st of all...aku rse cam ksian kt those yg mnjadik follower aku..
im getting lazy n lazy and lazy plus ngn ke bz-an nya...
sem 2 su.sah gler!!
here. i jz wanna share something i'd get frm a group that was called,,
s.g ni leh dktekn in Layman's word is usrah,,
an actvty dat was done n yet still keep on doing...
but dat was in SEK.RAJA PEREMPUAN TAAYAH,ipoh..
but here..

the athmosphre lain gler,,,rse sdeyh sgt2..
at least klu kt u @ kt matrix..klu ade actvty agama,,
xlaa tntgn dy dahsyat least ade phk atsn yg tolong @arahkn..
here...all by ourselves...
even conducting an usrah pon we need to kept it as a secret,
damn tough!
yeah,,as 4 me n nana,,,we're frm skolah agama,,
so,,that problem x pnah trcetus pon..

here...sgt2 beza...

tp alhamdulillah..
these few days...
d surau is getting meriah..
jamaah mkin rmi...
sejuk ati...
even x slalu...but at least mlm jumaat x sie2..

really hope yg surau tu makin makmur...


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