Sunday, March 15, 2009

doa untuk kekasih??

result pon da kuar..x tau la nk wat pe...
ni ade doa ntuk org2 yg mmpunyai kekesih..hahahh
well idk wth is tihs doa related to me..
hahhahhh...x pe...kite leh amalkn sama2...

ya ALLAH..
seandainya tlh engkau catatkan dia milikku, tercipta utkku..satukanlah hatinya dgn hatiku.. titipkanlah kebahagiaan antara kami agar kemesraan itu abadi... dan ya ALLAH..ya tuhanku yang maha mengasih..seiringkanlah kami melayari hidup ini...ketepian yg sejatera dan abadi...

Tetapi ya ALLAH..seandainya tlh engkau takdirkan dia bkn MILIKKU..bawalah ia jauh dari pandanganku.. luputkanlah ia dari igtankku..
dan peliharakanlah aku dari kekecewaan...

Berikanlah aku kekuatan melontar bayangan jauh ke dada langit..
hilang bersama senja nan merah, agar ku bisa bhagia..walaupon tnpa bersama dgnnya..
dan ya ALLAH yg tercinta..
gantikan lah yg tlh hilang dan tumbuhkanlah kembali yang telah patah walau tdk sama dgn drinya..

ya ALLAH ya tuhanku..pasrahkanlah aku dan takdirmu.. sesungguhnya apa yang telah engkau takdirkan, adalah yg terbaik buatku..kerana engkau maha mngetahui segala yg terbaik buat hamba mu ini...

ya ALLAH cukuplah engkau sahaja yg menjadi pemeliharaku..didunia dan di akhirat..
dgrkanlah rintihan dari hamba mu yg daif ini..
jgn engkau biarkan aku sendirian didunia ini mahu pun di akhirat, menjuruskan aku ke arah kemaksiatan dan kemungkaran..
maka..kurniakanlah aku seorg psgn yg beriman...supaya aku dan dia sama2 dpt mmbina kesejahteraan hidup...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

a day as a debater?

text debate aku last mengong je

First of all, let me explain the real meaning of academic. By referring to Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary, academic means theoretical and not related to practical effects in real life. While the word holistic which came from a Greek word ‘holos’ means all, entire or total. Holistic is the idea that all the properties can’t be explained by its component alone. Achievement is sth very good and difficult that you have succeeded in doing. Holistic education is the practice of freedom for creativity and productivity. Holistic education aims to call forth from people an intrinsic reverence for life and a passionate love of learning. Besides, it is not a ‘rote-learning’ . Rote learning means, learning sth in order to be able to repeat it from memory rather than in order to understand it.

We as the opposition team are going to stick to our case line. School should focus on holistic achievement, not academic achievement.

Me as the first speaker for the opposition team are going to explain the real concept of holism, while my lovely second speaker is going to list out the importance of holistic achievement in school. And my third speaker is going to rebate the points from the government team as well as to affirm our case line.

Without wasting any precious time, I would like to elaborate on my point which is the real concept of holism. Holism refers to the idea that all the properties of a given system in any field of study can’t be determine or explained by the sum of its component parts. There is three main concept in holistic education. The interconnected reality which originated in the philosophy of holism and was further developed through ecology, quantum physics and systems theory. Secondly, the concept that “ the whole is more than the sum of its part ”. Whole systems have emergent properties that can’t be deduced by saying their component. The third key concept of holistic education is being. Being is about fully experiencing the present moments, or in a simpler word, behaving as a complete man.

Holistic education emphasis on the importance of a perception of the person as a whole interconnectedness of body, mind and consciousness. The basic concept of this philosophy are self responsibility, nutritional awareness, physical fitness, stress management, and environment sensitivity. In school, teachers should encourages reflection and inquiry, and accommodate differences amongst children. It is a part of bringing out the unique potential of each children.

The themes in holistic education is connection and integration in human experience to social, biological and spiritual environment All these are essential that we draw on our deepest source of renewal and creativity ; the imagination. Meanwhile, the focus of holistic achievement in education is on relationship between linear thinking and intuition. This will make the students or children themselves to think and achieving a holistic achievement in school. On the other hand, academic achievement only concentrates on theories which clearly, students can’t apply in real life, So, Mr., how are they going to excel in life when they can’t even solve a simple problem? Or even socialize wth others?

Thus, Im affirming you to our case line which is school should focus on holistic achievement, not academic achievement. last..last friday...the government team...akur ngn kitorg...huhuhu...

aku 1st speaker...yg 2nd n 3rd...dyorg men pki ayat sindri ngn isi dyorg je...x smpt nk salin......hahahh

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