Sunday, January 13, 2013

everythings gonna be okay =)

salam all.
straight to d point,tgk vdeo nih.

 oke,eventhough gmba aku kdg2 je ade dlm vid nih. 
 (ye lah aku kn photographer. xkn nk tgkp sindri cm susah pulak kan,hahah.xnk mntion mls.)
tp dlm vid ni mmg org2 yg sgt2 precious bg aku.sbb dorg leh thn 3 thun kwn ngn aku.n alhamdulillah.da msuk 4 tahun dah skrg.but for nana, dy dah kwn aku nk msuk 9 tahun.

tq na for being there.sggup thn prngai suku matang hasnie.tqvm =)
tq ye ummi.teman nanges n gelak time hasnie jdik sengal~ n.n
 tq ye kak ning.yg slalu gaduh n baik ngn hasnie =)
tq ye roomate ku yg sweet.maaf.aku xbtul mghargai ko dulu.n serious.i really miss u.
tq.siah =)



ps : biar gambar berbicara =)

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