Wednesday, September 26, 2012


salam all..seriously.
i need to do something.
its 360°!

baiklah.ape ke hal la pulak ngan darjah tu kan?
sbb recently sgt byk problem came across n seriously some of it yg unbearable.
but alhamdulillah i know there's ONE yg ALWAYs ada whenever,
hell or high,Allah will be there,
alhamdulillah,n lately i know i DO HAVE such a wonderful friends yg i can lean on
yg i can shed a tear with,
yg boleh dgr bebel2,ngarut2 
dr mulut,hati,minda org yg x sempurna ni.
friends yg xkan judge aku, btw im talking,btw im wearing or walking,

& sy syukur sgt2,
sy ingat lagi ayat sorg ukhtie,,,
"bile allah nak bagi hidayah,kita jgn tolak,sbb hidayah allah tu dtg skali je,
n allah bagi kt orang yg allah nak je,"


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