Tuesday, January 4, 2011

some ppl might say that live life easily,,but its not easy as most of ppl been thnking..
there ARE some of d things yg ppl slalu slh anggap..

here nk share sth yg i'd seen it on tv,,
its a show yg suda lme.tp suk keep repeating tayang blek kt axn..

in amazing race asia sr7..
till1 epi tu,,,there's a couple.
husband n wife.
dorg lost time si wifey kne bungee jumping,d wife really couldnt make it as she is terribly afraid of height.so they took d 4 hrs penalty.that makes them kalah..
then dorg supposed to bg la ucpn @ final words bak kate ayt pnjajah..
then si wifey pon kte to her hubby la.
whatever happens.dear,u r hero today.n u will always b my hero.
si hubby pon bkata,
dear,even we failed here,we must remember that there's a long race that we need to face..
that is called LIFE.

n sy yg mlihat.xtkata.terharu :)

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